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Years ago my wife and I started a small business that specializes in creating handcrafted products.  We are now featuring beautiful and exotic wooden wine/bottle stoppers that are individually turned on a lathe.  Also, we have lathe turned custom pens offered in a variety of exotic woods.   Of course we still have bird friendly birdhouses.   Soon, we will adding the jewelry we have created with stones we have found here in Virginia.
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Unakite Earings and Pendant

I start the jewelry making process by finding and collecting the rocks here in Virginia.  From there I cut, grind and polish them before fitting them into Sterling silver settings.

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Wooden Pens

A display of pens

I turn these pens on a lathe and then sand and polish them.  I use premium pen hardware that is plated in 24k gold and is compatible with Cross® refills.  The clip has a nice black stripe.  I use many types of exotic woods from around the world.  Take a look below for some examples of my pens.

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Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottles with stoppers

I turn these on the lathe one at a time, using exotic woods from around the world.  They are then sanded and polished until they shine.  These stoppers can be used for wine bottles or to decorate the tops of other bottles in your kitchen or bar.  Each piece is unique and will vary slightly from one another.  The photos below represent the general size and shape of each style of bottle stopper.
I offer two styles of chrome bottoms.  The large stoppers feature the wide cone shape while the medium and small stoppers feature the premium chrome bottom that is long and slim.  Both will fit most wine or similar style bottles.

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Bluebird House

The birdhouses I create are bird friendly and made for birds not people.  There may be fancier looking birdhouse out there but that doesn't really matter to the birds.  I use features like venting for the correct airflow and I never put a perch outside the opening.  A perch only makes it easier for predators to get to the birds.  I make my birdhouses to make the birds happy.

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